stressed · depressed · still well-dressed
diagnosed major anxiety and depressive disorder, struggling with undiagnosed ednos. vegan Pansexual, happily taken (5 months) xx
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I’ve got my forty ounce, and a system to overthrow.
Know what to worry about, and nowhere to go.
I traded in my hope for a hangover and a headache.
I’m contemplating rope, but can’t tie knots that great.
Who needs love? NOT ME!
Who needs friends? I GOT ME!
Who needs drugs? ME!
Who needs sex? I GOT ME!

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Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains // DIY Orgasms

seen on hobo and the freight trains

if home is where the heart is, then i live in my upper chest.


Your heart is a muscle the size of your fist,
Keep on loving. Keep on fighting.
And hold on, hold on,
Hold on for your life.

seen on hobo
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